Food-Waste Bags--3 gallon size

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These compostable 3-gallon bags are made to fit inside your countertop composter bin.

They are perfect for collecting food scraps, compostable paper products (like the paper tubes inside toilet paper and paper towel rolls), compostable disposables like utensils, clean take-out containers and straws (plant-based), and yard trimmings -- anything that you plan to add to your backyard composter or send to a commercial composting facility.


What It's Made of:

If You Care Compostable Bags are made from potato starch, which comes from potatoes grown specifically for this purpose. Potatoes take up 40% less land than corn to grow and don't require additional irrigation beyond normal rainfall, making potato starch a great alternative to corn starch.

Why You Should Compost:

Approximately 80 million tons of waste (U.S. EPA figures) that ends up in landfills annually is material that, under the right conditions, could be returned to the earth through composting. A landfill is a stagnant environment, so all of the organic waste is packed down, does not decompose, and produces methane gas, which contributes to global warming. In a composting environment, which involves the right combination of organic waste, soil, water, air, and carbon dioxide, these same materials will decompose and return to the earth over time.