Bamboo Toothbrush (Adult-size)

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100% plant-based adult size toothbrush. Soft bristles, smooth all-natural  bamboo handle that fits into your toothbrush holder.  A+ for practicality!

Changes To Your Routine:


What It's Made Of:

The handles of these biodegradable toothbrushes are made of organic bamboo, and the bristles are a combination of caster bean oil and nylon, making them biobased but still not biodegradable. The bamboo handles are backyard and commercial compostable, and the nylon bristles are recyclable, which isn't great but it's the only option I can come up with for toothbrush bristles. Apparently, before the invention of nylon in the 1930s, pig hair was used for toothbrush bristles. Today, pig hair remains the only biodegradable option – and it is a very controversial material. I will keep searching for a better option as manufacturers continue to move away from nylon.


Packaging is backyard or commercial compostable.

Toothbrush disposal advice from the manufacturer:  "The different parts of the toothbrush can be disassembled for proper disposal. The bristles are not biodegradable. Using pliers, it is easy to remove the bristles from the head. Doing so will also remove a small metal staple that is used to clamp the bristles to the handle. This metal staple is normal in toothbrush manufacturing and is also present in all plastic toothbrushes. The handle can be composted at home or commercially.

Why You Should Use It:

Americans contribute more than 1 billion plastic toothbrushes to landfills EVERY YEAR. Plastic toothbrushes take 400 YEARS to break down in landfills, and while they sloooowly decompose they release harmful chemicals into the air. Switching to toothbrushes made of a biodegradable material like cornstarch or bamboo is a really easy way to make an impact with zero changes to your routine!