Cleaning, Composting, and Household Products

Think about the volume of plastic bottles that move through your house in a month. Dish washing liquid, laundry soap, hand soap dispensers, heck I probably went through a bottle of Shout stain remover every WEEK when my daughter played travel softball! 

It's hard to try a new soap. You get married to a familiar scent, you know how well it will get certain stains out, you know how long the bottle will last. But even though those bottles have the Recyclable stamp on the bottom, colored and non-clear plastics are harder to recycle and less likely to be transformed into something else. They will be intact in a landfill for hundreds of years.

Make a true commitment to waste-free living, and try our laundry and liquid hand soaps that come in a dissolvable bar that you just drop into your previous cleaner's plastic bottle with water. Or try a plastic-free stain stick or dish soap bar. I can personally vouch for the cleaning capabilities of each!

And while you are eliminating plastics in the kitchen, pick up a ceramic or stainless steel compost pail for the countertop. The charcoal filter in the tight-fitting lid eliminates odors, and it's the perfect size to carry out to the compost heap every few days!