Sandwich Bags--Paper, 48 count

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Practicality:  48-count paper sandwich bags that are the perfect size for sandwiches, cookies, chips and nuts. Unbleached greaseproof paper provides a natural barrier for butter and oils. Can be used in the microwave.

Changes to Your Routine:  The tops don't seal like a zip top, which takes a little getting used to but is a small price to pay for zero-waste sandwich bags!

What It's Made Of:  Scandinavian spruce trees, harvested from FSC Certified forests. Unbleached greaseproof paper, totally chlorine- and petroleum-free.

Disposal:  Bags are backyard and commercial compostable. Packaging is recyclable cardboard.

Why You Should Use It: Compostable paper is a great option to eliminate single-use plastic sandwich bags. They are disposable, so if your kid doesn't bring it back home from school it's not the end of the world, but they are earth-friendly and compostable.

*There are several PBA-free plastic reusable sandwich bags on the market, but we haven't been able to find one that is sturdy enough to last for the long haul of 12 years of public school, so ultimately they will get tossed and landfilled like the single-use bags, just not as frequently. We also have kids who lose everything they take to school so there's that. We are still searching for options for lunches!