Deodorant Stones

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You guys, this product is absolutely AMAZING! I admit, I was not a believer when I signed up for the trial size. How can rubbing a rock on your armpits possibly keep you feeling fresh all day? But, it WORKS! The mineral salts in the stone neutralize the bacteria on your skin and keep you completely odor-free all day! It also works on smelly feet (I recommend getting a separate stone for that...)

The smaller trial-size stone will last about 3 months, and the larger sized stone will last 6-8 months. And best of all, completely plastic-free! No more plastic deodorant bottles that you hope are recyclable but probably are not.

Trial size come in a velveteen bag in three colors--you can indicate your preference in the comments section of your order, or we will randomly select a color from our stock on hand.