Try a Shampoo Bar. Just. Freaking. Try. One.

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Why is it so freaking hard to get the people in my family to try a shampoo bar?! 

"Try this weird cheese I got at a street fair." Sure, no problem!

"Try on these smelly shoes I bought at the thrift shop." Okay...

"Let's try that Black Diamond slope around on the back side of the mountain!" Let's go!

But slip in "Try this new shampoo bar" and the fun screeches to a halt. It's not a liquid? I can't squirt it? WHAT???!!!

Aside from the new delivery method, shampoo in bar form has a myriad of advantages over liquid shampoo. For one, it will not involve yet another plastic bottle and if your kids are like my kids, there are currently about 27 bottles of shampoo in their shower, all with 1/4 inch of shampoo left in them. Also count how many shampoos come in colored plastic bottles -- colored plastic is even harder to recycle than clear plastics and is more likely to end up in the landfill, where it will take 400 YEARS or more to break down.

Most liquid shampoos on the shelves today also contain a long list of ingredients that aren't good for the environment OR for you -- Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Parabens, Polythylene Glycols, Triclosan -- these ingredients have been used in shampoos for generations even though they can be toxic to humans.

In contrast, shampoos in bar form are superior in every way. (Can you tell I love them?) Ours are packaged in compostable paper wrappers and use essential oils for fragrance, and one bar lasts longer than THREE 16 oz. bottles of liquid shampoo, saving you both money and waste! So just TRY ONE ALREADY!

We currently carry eight different shampoo bars and five conditioner bars from Tangie, an awesome little zero-waste company in Florida that handcrafts all of their soaps and shampoos using ingredients like French clay and essential oils. Money-back guarantee, because I know you will love them! 

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